What is Character by Design?

Have you fallen into the trap of Suck-cess? 

The best definition of success has nothing to do with money or fame. It is the ability to deliberately change one's character. Because what we're born as isn't the most alive and free expression of what we can become. And if we pay attention to the thoughts that shape our actions and the actions that shape our habits and the habits that shape our character, we'll find that character is what shapes our destiny

Character by Design is about six things:

1. Generosity:  The art of finding joy in giving and creating for others rather than buying shit we don't need for ourselves. Gratitude, or the art of being thankful, is entwined with generosity. 

2. Morality:  The art of giving a fuck about your friends, your family, all the animals and the only true home you have, the planet. Living a moral life leads to lasting Joy. Compare that with happiness, which comes and goes as quickly as a donut or an orgasm. 

3. Patience:  The art of not being annoyed and angry at every gooddamn thing and person that doesn't do what you'd like. Consider the Chinese character for patience is a heart with a sword dangling above it. 

4. Energy:  The art of refining your desire so it doesn't control you but keeps you humming like a bumblebee in the bountiful springtime. With too much energy you feel anxious. Without enough, you're a sloth. How do you find the balance? 

5. Awareness:  The art of being able to give your mind the space to see your life clearly and with compassion which helps you avoid waking up hungover in the dumpster all the time. If you can't learn how to reflect on your life, you'll end up doing the same dumb shit over and over again.

6. Wisdom:  The art of seeing reality not as an ignorant boob, but with deep insight into how things really are. Because it's easier to live life when you can see what's actually going on. 

CxD is where you will learn to live a fierce life that's fully awake and full of beauty, like a goddamn Bengalese tiger.

That's how we aspire to live. And we will show you how to do the same. 

CxD will offer you a practical guide to each of these six realms of Life, in bits and pieces, in blogs and tutorials, in workshops and free PDF booty. Drink cold, non-shitty beer along the way. It's important. Waking up and growing up is a bold and beautiful adventure called your Life. Welcome to finally living it.