We're a culture that chases happiness.

Booze. Sex. Cars. Gambling. Drugs. Promotions. Houses. Beaches. Porn. Celebrity. Power. Winning. Upgrading. War. Superheroes. Bigger. Better. More. 

First come the advertisements to be ambitious and to desire more.  Happiness is your goal. 

Then comes addiction. 

Then comes isolation. 

Then comes depression. 

Then comes medication.

Then comes numbness. 

And maybe then you start to think there's a better way. 

The reason we're really fucking up is because we're thinking thinking way too small. We are forever chasing those things that are guaranteed to disappear as soon as we have them. Happiness and the American dream are actually a nightmare. Sad face. 

Try Joy instead

This workshop will help you understand the difference:

Happiness is a temporary feeling, no matter what.

Joy is a way of being. 

Happiness comes and goes.

Joy sticks around.

Happiness is a drug: you need more and more.

Joy is what happens when you sober up and live awakened by everything, including the hard shit. 

Cost to transform your life: $199 

Space: limited to 20 people. 

Date: Saturday, November 18th, 9am - 6pm

Location: Austin, Tx.