#12: In a time of Women

3 x Insights to help squeegie your perspective: 


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1. Gender does not determine your Character. Your life's work and your actions do. 

Amy McGrath is running for congress and in this short video, she explains why. We need people who have cultivated their character to be in office, don't you think?  

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"We need women in congress, and we need veterans in Congress." 

Here's a longer interview with Amy McGrath. 

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2. Morality consists of five basic concerns: Harm, Fairness, Loyalty, Authority, and Purity. Which of these matter most to you? Take the 10 minute morality survey here and find out. The results will show you whether you care more about each category more or less than the average of tens of thousands of conservative and liberal voters. 

The image above shows my results. I care more about harm and fairness than even most liberals, and way less about loyalty and authority than most conservatives. But I'm a moderate when it comes to issues of purity: donuts are OK, but you have to eat them the right way, folks. 

If you'd like to share and discuss your charts, send them to cxd@characterbydesign.org. 

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3. Know Thyself! If you want to better understand your morality chart from exercise 2 above and how your moral leanings influence your political vote, watch this in-depth TED Talk by the author of our Beer + Book Club book, Jonathan Haidt titled The Moral roots of Liberals and Conservatives. 


4. Beer and Book Club remains beautiful! Our next meeting is Friday, December 1st, 6:30 pm-8:00pm @ Radio Coffee! (Note the change in time to help folks avoid the worst of Austin Traffic) In theory, we'll be discussing all the way up to part II––we're going more slowly than I imagined because this stuff is so rich and potent and useful–– but come as you are, no matter how much you've read. We need you! You'll begin to understand how to genuinely engage with those you can't understand which is important if we're serious about not blowing up each other and our planet. So quit talking shit on Facebook and Twitter and do something that will actually help. Please and thank you. 

Click here for more details. 

Bonus Wisdom Pin-Up:

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Did any of this stuff matter to you at all? Which things and why? Comment here.  Or send an email to cxd@characterbydesign.org and speak your mind one on one. 

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