Workshops & coaching


Help me help you lead a more kick-ass life.

Workshops, consulting, and coaching available year-round. Send an inquiry even if, especially if, you have no idea what the hell is going on. 


BEER + Books

Nothing changes without connection and understanding. That's why God invented beer, books and wood tables. We'll be gathering in the flesh to talk about books, the content of the weekly 3x Insights Newsletters, and pretty sunsets. Click the Learn More button for schedule and location. 

One on One Coaching

If you need to go deep without distraction, one-on-one is the only way. First consultation is free. 

Understand the Nature of Joy Workshop

Ever notice how trying to chase happiness only leaves you with a hangover, or somewhere in a dumpster with your car nowhere to be found? Try joy instead, which is permanent, no matter what. 


How to Be a Man Intensive

Our culture tells boys to be men, which only leads to men-boys. If you're a parent, a woman, know men in your life, or are one, and want an authentic understanding of what being a man involves, we've got the insights you need. 


Sport and Fitness as Spiritual Practice

There's a way to run (or bike or swim) that's not ego-driven but rather mindful, present moment, and nourishing to the body, the heart, and the mind. Come explore what it means to be a spiritually intelligent athlete. 


Writing Smarter

Good writing equals smart thinking. If you learn how to think better, you'll learn how to write with more insight and make your words count. The era of bullshit pages is over. 


Investing with Heart

Do you have a heart that cares for others? Do you have money? Are you uncertain how to balance the two? This workshop will introduce you to buddhist principles that will help you invest for profit without being a dick. 


Map Your Journey: levels of growing up

Why didn't someone give you a compass for your life's journey? You don't know your destination, but we know how you're going to get there––and learn to appreciate and deeply understand all your fellow travelers, no matter how much of a pain in the ass they might be. Plus, you'll see a lot more along the way when you're not constantly looking at your GPS to figure out where you are. This workshop helps you map your psychological development and is one of the most powerful and immediately useful insights we teach.